David Jones for Tennessee

David Jones

For US Congress

4th Congressional District 

The Leadership Our District Needs Right Now

About David

Born and raised in Coffee County, David Jones understands the people and culture of U.S. Congressional District 4, and the struggles they face with an ever-encroaching federal government. He has worked in quality engineering and auditing for twenty years, having vast experience using problem solving tools to address the root causes of issues and develop corrective actions. He has served the Libertarian Party of Tennessee in county, regional, and state leadership roles, and works towards the organizational success of the third largest political party in the country. He strives to work directly with the constituency of district 4 to provide value-added, liberty-focused solutions to issues long ignored by the current representation. David aims to uphold the protections of natural rights for all Tennesseans and to provide real world solutions to issues, all while keeping the federal government out of citizens’ lives and pocketbooks.

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